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Barone Ritter de Záhony - Brut Prosecco 

Format: 0.75 L /1.5 L          

Alcohol: 11% vol  


Vine Variety: Glera 100%   

Classification: Prosecco DOC Brut

Vinification: softly air pressed with floral fermenting. The first fermentation takes place in steel with a set temperature and subsequently a refinement process takes place on noble deposits for 2-3 months. 

Froth: Charmat method with select yeasts at a set temperature (13°/14°) with a second, particularly long fermentation (90 days) in order to obtain refined and constant perlage. 


Tasting notes: soft yellow color with subtle perlage, creamy and persistent. An intense bouquet with notes of yellow pear together with strikingly fresh spicy hints such as grapefruit and Granny Smith. Refreshing and restrained acidity, the body is light and lean with  great richness that makes the product smooth to drink. 

Pairings: Suited for every occasion, whether a sophisticated and lively aperitivo or to accompany fish dishes, fresh cheese and white meat. Ideal for any type of context, never a predictable taste and always well proportioned, this prosecco is fresh, harmonious and rich.


Serve at: 6/8 °C

Barone Ritter de Záhony, Edda Cristina - Vino Bianco Aromatico

Format: 0.75 L

Alcohol: 13% vol

Vine variety: Palava 100%.  Pálava is a protected landscape area and a UNESCO biosphere reserve located in Moravia on the border with Austria.


Classification: IGT Venezia Giulia


Vintage: Hand harvest


Parcel: Il Bosco


Yield: 8 tn/hectare


Vinification: grapes were destemmed, delicately crushed and gently pressed. The resulting must was transferred into controlled temperature fermentation tanks for 8 months with frequent bâtonnages.


Tasting notes: from a grape variety which has its origin in Moravia and Hungary, in honor of family traditions and ancient Hungarian possessions.

Crystalline yellow in color, it is a beautifully aromatic and full-bodied wine. Slightly spicy, has an intense bouquet of lime, apricot and peach with classic aromas of white field flowers such as acacia, honeysuckle and rose.

Its taste is clean and persistent with excellent minerality that supports the great aromatic complexity.


Pairings: Matches perfectly with fish recipes, white meat and spicy food.

Service temperature: 10/12 °C

Barone Ritter de Záhony, Elvine - Chardonnay 

Format: 0.75 L

Alcohol: 13,5% vol                                 

Vine Variety: Chardonnay 100% 

Classification: DOC Friuli Aquileia

Vintage: hand harvest

Parcel: Il Bosco

Yield: 7 tn/hectare

Vinification: grapes are destemmed, delicately crushed and gently pressed.  Part of the resulting must is transferred into French Barriques and part in temperature-controlled fermentation tanks for 10 months with frequent bâtonages.

Tasting notes: brilliant straw yellow in color. The nose reveals floral aromas of white peach, golden apple, bread crust and vanilla in the final part. Its taste is pulpy and soft, elegant and balanced. The passage in barrique makes it rich in taste with excellent persistence.

Pairings: fish recipes and white meat, particularly with sauce as well as shellfish and creamed vegetable soups


Service temperature: 10/14 °C

Barone Ritter de Záhony, Manfredo - Merlot 

Format: 0.75 L

Alcohol: 13,5% vol                                 

Vine Variety: Merlot 100% 

Classification: DOC Friuli

Vintage: hand harvest

Parcel: Il Bosco

Yield: 8 tn/hectare

Vinification: parings are kept in touch with the must for at least two weeks with daily pumping over of the dregs, and délestage at monitored temperature. At the end of the fermentation one part of the wine is being refined in new barriques for one year, while the other part goes into steel tanks. Later they are going to be merged for a further ageing in the bottle.

Tasting notes: garnet red in color. The bouquet presents mainly aromatic notes of the marasca cherry and of underwood berries. Its taste is of a good structure and complexity, with a predominance of red berrys and currants. It is soft and complaisant, with elegant and thirsty tannins.

Pairings: particularly suitable with cheese, red meat and game.


Service temperature: 16/18 °C


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