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We honor the family spirit and traditions by enhancing these extraordinary places, rich of history, and by caring of the vines. Wine is the most complex and magical product of the earth. It requires intuition and time, but above all, passion. Telling and sharing its story is the greatest of satisfactions.

Guido ENG

Guido Federico Rossignoli

"After different working experience in Italy and abroad, I decided to come back to Aquileia and take care of our family-business. A new experience which challenges me every day and at the same time it is a dream coming true, attending the wine from the vineyard to the bottle."


Roberta Valera

"The world of wine is fascinating, and everyday is an opportunity to learn something new with patience and passion... Being able to transmit a tradition, which has been carried by such an ancient family through the centuries is an awesome experience. In the business I am taking care of the marketing and of our Italian and foreign sellings."

Sabina Rossignoli


"Back in 2015 together with my brother Guido, we took over the family-business. I live in Madrid and take care of the commercialization of our wines in Spain. Despite the distance, I feel very bounded to Aquileia, our vineyards, to the special light of this ground which tastes of sea and lagoon"

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